1. Do you deliver?

Yes, please call us for a quote as it depends on where, when and what equipment you're renting.

2. Do you supply engineers to set up the equipment for me?

Yes, please call us for a quote. We will need to know the start and end times of your event, what time we can gain access to the location and the time that you need the equipment removed from the premises.

3. Do you have sound engineers available if I need someone to operate the equipment for me?

Yes, we have experienced sound engineers available - please call us so that we can discuss your requirements in more detail and give you a quote.

4. What if I need tape or media for my rental?

Dreamhire carries new ATR Magnetics analog tape for sale as well as Avastor HDX800 hard drives. We also carry media for almost all of the devices that we rent although we may have only limited quantities of certain items. Please refer to the media sales section for a complete list and call your rental coordinator for stock availability.

5. How can I open an account?

All new accounts are opened on a COD basis. Most new clients use a credit card for the rental charges and any necessary deposits. The client is responsible for all rental, shipping and replacement costs of the gear rented. A certificate of insurance naming Dreamhire, LLC as certificate holder is recommended and is mandatory if the value of the rental package is more than $25,000.00. A cash deposit or an authorization against a credit card can be provided to cover the replacement cost of a rental package. All rental charges and deposits must be supplied prior to the commencement of the rental. Lessees should be aware that, if a check or debit card is used for deposits, the funds will be removed from the applicable checking account and held in escrow. When the authorization is reversed it can take up to five business days for the funds to be re-deposited into the checking account. An insurance option is available for packages valued up to $25,000.00. Please speak with your rental coordinator for more details.

6. How do I establish a billable account?

Please call the office for more details.

7. What about shipping?

We can arrange shipping of almost any piece of equipment with transportation charged at cost. We use numerous shipping companies, both local and international, and often can deliver within hours to locations in and around New York. Shipping estimates can be provided but ARE NOT guaranteed. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Out of town rentals (outside the immediate vicinity of New York City): There is a two-day minimum rental on all shipped items. Shipping is added to the contract upon receipt of the freight bill.

  • International rentals: There is a 1 week (4 billable days) minimum rental. This is due to the time it takes to get gear in and out of customs. Shipping, customs and duties are added to the contract upon receipt of the bill.

8. What about cabling?

Please discuss with your rental coordinator ALL cabling needed for your order. Often this is the most overlooked, yet the most important detail of a rental. Cabling is usually provided at no charge for the gear rented; any extraneous cabling is chargeable. Any cabling returned unwrapped or soiled by a client will be subject to a $5 per cable wrapping or cleaning fee....NO EXCEPTIONS!

9. What if the equipment fails to work properly?

If you have already checked to see if the unit is receiving power and you have tried swapping out cables then please call us immediately and ask to speak to a technician. We have 24 hour coverage and can often talk the client through a minor problem over the phone. If a replacement unit is needed, it will be delivered at our expense. If using a condenser microphone please check to see if the phantom power on your console or microphone preamp is switched on!

10. What if the rental becomes lost or damaged after delivery?

If gear is damaged or lost after receipt, the client is responsible for all repairs or replacement cost of the unit in question. This is the reason Dreamhire must secure replacement costs in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

11. What if I need to extend my rental?

Often this isn't a problem unless the unit has already been scheduled to be rented to another. Call your rental coordinator as soon as possible.

12. What if I don't see what I need listed, such as the latest software revision?

Our very extensive rental inventory is subject to continued expansion. It is extremely likely that we may have already purchased the unit or software update that you require. Please call for this information.

13. What if you don't have what I want?

We welcome any suggestions you have regarding equipment that is currently unavailable for rental. Often we will consider purchasing such equipment if we feel it will be a valid addition to our rental inventory.