Dreamhire supplies three Pro Tools HDX surround systems to CBS for 2013 Super Bowl

February 2013

When CBS Sports obtained the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl in 2013 their technical engineers turned to Dreamhire in New York City to supply the necessary equipment to handle their audio requirements for the February 3rd event in New Orleans.

The specified equipment comprised three complete Avid Pro Tools HDX systems each with an ICON D-Command ES control surface and Machine Control, Waves Mercury, Izotope RX2 and Sonic Solutions Nonoise plugins. A total of 15 Genelec 8050A powered monitors each with a Sound Anchor STUDADJR speaker stand were also supplied along with 3 Yamaha HS10W powered subwoofers. Other equipment included in the package were 3 pairs of Avantone Mixcubes, 8 Ultrasone PRO 750 closed back surround headphones with 3 Aphex Headpod 454's, 4 Neumann U87A microphones, 3 Avalon 737SP microphone preamp/compressor/EQ units and 3 x Gefen DVI KVM extender kits.

Superbowl 2013 Lombardi Trophy