Lady Gaga rents Thermionic Culture 'The Culture Vulture' from Dreamhire for YouTube Music Awards

November 2013

Lady Gaga specifically requested the Thermionic Culture 'The Culture Vulture' stereo valve harmonic distortion processor for her appearance at the YouTube Music Awards in Brooklyn tonight. A call to local NYC audio equipment specialist, Dreamhire, who exclusively rents this unique British-made effects unit, secured the rental in time for the event.

Chris Dunn, CEO of Dreamhire, who took the call on Sunday morning, said: "This is a great effects unit and I believe we are the only audio equipment rental company in New York to stock it. We frequently receive last minute rental requests - to the extent that we have often thought of renaming Dreamhire to 'Last Minute Rentals 'R' Us'!"

Rent Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture