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Why DreamHire?

Experienced local headhunters. Comprehensive interviews & tests. Reference checks. 90 day guarantee.

We're the headhunter agency you can count on to find amazing offshore talent. With our skilled team in the Philippines, we've got a smooth and efficient hiring process to connect you with the ideal candidates.

Let us know your needs, and kick back while we do the heavy lifting. We'll thoroughly screen candidates, evaluate their English, run personality tests, set up interviews, and line up the best of the bunch for you to make the final call.

For us, it's all about the dream match—not just ticking the skills box. We search for folks who gel with your company and attitude, people who'll not only do the job but also propel your business forward with their positive energy.

And we care about making sure our candidates love their jobs too, because happy employees mean a thriving business for everyone, long-term.

Leave the hiring pains to us.

While we find your ideal employee, your schedule's clear to tackle the big stuff.

We Hunt, You Hire

Growth Mindset

Our team is really excited about finding the best ways to serve our clients. We're committed to a company culture that supports everyone growing personally and in their careers.

Our Secret

We take the time to get to know each candidate before we recommend them to you. That way, we make certain that we connect you with people who are not just eager to work, but who also mesh with your team and meet your work requirements. This careful matching is our secret to making both clients and new hires happy.

Taking Charge

We give our team the power to step up and make choices. This creates an environment where everyone is quick to adapt, strong in the face of challenges, and great at solving problems.


We promise to always do what's right and fair. We earn trust by being transparent, communicating openly, and treating everyone with respect.

Top-tier Talent

Our complete end-to-end recruitment solution makes hiring, welcoming, paying, and keeping remote pros easy. You get to pick from top-notch, pre-checked talent matched to your company's needs.

Hiring overseas is a cheat code
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